Oracle Depot Repair User Guide


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Introduction to Oracle Depot Repair

What is Oracle Depot Repair?
Oracle Depot Repair Key Features
Business Process Flows
Setup Parameters
Integration with Other Oracle Modules

Overview of Using Oracle Depot Repair

Accessing Oracle Depot Repair
The Depot Repair Workbench
The Service Request Information Area
The Service Order Information Area
Details Tab
Logistics Tab
Diagnostics Tab
Estimate Tab
Jobs Tab
Tasks Tab
Actuals Tab
Drill into Order Management
Depot Repair Workbench Tools Menu
Depot Repair Workbench Data Menu
Find Service Orders for Job Submission Window
Submit Jobs for Service Orders Window
Define Triggers for Service Bulletins
Receive Unplanned Returns
Receive Planned Returns
Execute Repair
Service Manager Portal
Service Campaigns and Recalls
Environmental Impact Dashboard
Internal Moves

Oracle Depot Repair Command Center

Depot Repair Command Center Overview
Open Service Orders Dashboard
Resolved Service Orders Dashboard
My Service Orders Dashboard

Oracle Depot Repair Business Scenarios

Process a Repair and Return
Process a Loaner, Repair and Return
Process an Exchange
Process an Advance Exchange
Process a Replacement
Process a Repair, Refurbishment, Remanufacture or Recycling of Internally Owned Items
Process a Third Party Repair
Process a Return Only Repair
Process a Service Campaign or Recall
Process a Supplier Warranty
Process a Customer Take-back Request
Process a Trade-in or Upgrade

Depot Workbench

Overview of Managing Business Processes
View Customer Profile
View Coverage Information
View Service History
Determine Contract and Price List Defaults at Service Order Creation
Create a New Customer
Create a Customer Contact
Create a Service Request
Find a Customer for an Installed Base Item
Create a Service Order in the Depot Repair Workbench
Create a Service Order Starting From Oracle TeleService
Create a Service Order Starting From Oracle Order Management
Update the Service Order Status
Update the Service Type of a Service Order
Create and Book a Return Line Manually
Move Items Internally
Find Service Requests and Service Orders
Transfer Installed Base Ownership
Create and Maintain Notes
Use the Diagnostics Tab and Oracle Knowledge Management
Manage Diagnostic Codes in the Diagnostics Tab
Search Oracle Knowledge Management
Manage Solutions in the Diagnostics Tab
Manage Service Codes in the Diagnostics Tab
Select Service Codes Manually in the Service Codes Area
Activate and Deactivate Service Codes in the Service Codes Area
Delete Service Codes in the Service Codes Area
Estimate Service Charges
Create an Estimate
Revise an Estimate
Obtain Customer Approval for an Estimate
Auto-Receive an Item
Receive an Item
Receive an Item for an Internal Order Refurbishment
Split a Service Order
Manage the Service Process
Create and Process WIP Jobs
Create a WIP Job for a Single Service Order
Process a WIP Job for a Single Service Order
Create a WIP Job Across Multiple Service Orders
Process a WIP Job Across Multiple Service Orders
Create and Process Tasks
Create a Task Manually
Create a Task Using a Task Template
Enter and Update Task Details
Prepare the Tasks Debrief
View Activities Related to a Service Order
Update Service Orders Concurrently
Send and View Workflow-Based Messages
Create a Ship Line Manually
Ship an Item
Move an Item to a Usable Spares Subinventory
Record Billing Data in Actuals
Add WIP Summary to Actuals
Add Task Debrief to Actuals
Add Estimate to Actuals
Create Manual Charges in Actuals
Book Actuals
Invoice a Customer
Close a Service Order
Close a Service Request
Create and Process an Internal Party Refurbishment
View Service Orders in Oracle iSupport
Third Party Flows
Execute Outside Processing
Select Service Parts from Dynamic Repair BOM Window
Print Traveler Document
View Service Bulletins using Depot Repair Workbench
Service Order Orchestration
View Read Only Workbench

Service Manager Portal

Service Manager Portal Page
Using the Service Order Backlog region
Using the Quality Event Watchlist region
Using the Advanced Search page
Using the Batch Create Jobs region
Using the Create Service Order page
Setting Up Aging Threshold
Setting Up Quality Threshold

Returns Portal

Interacting with the Returns Portal
Using the Returns Portal

Service Campaigns and Recalls

Service Campaigns and Recalls Process Flow
Creating a Recall Event
Using the Details Tab
Using the Items Tab
Using the Corrective Actions Tab
Using the Metrics Tab
Finding a Recall

Environmental Impact Dashboard

Environmental Impact Dashboard Overview
Using the Returns Tab
Using the Eco-Impact Tab
Using the Disposition Summary Tab
Using the Put on Market Tab

Bulk Receiving Module

Entering and Processing Bulk Receive Data
Bulk Receive Items Processing Logic

Technician Portal

Searching for Service Orders
Service Order Page Overview
Using the Evaluation Tab
Using the Service Execution Tab
Using the Debrief Report Tab
Launching Service Order Orchestration in the Technician Portal
Using Recommendations
Generating Estimates
Using the Complete Work button
View Service Bulletins from the Technician Portal
Manage ECOs
Backflush Service Parts
Auto-Issue Service Items to Jobs
Using Time Clock
Deleting Operations

Windows and Navigator Paths

Depot Repair Windows and Navigator Paths