Oracle iProcurement User Guide


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iProcurement Catalog Administration Help

Oracle iProcurement Content Management Help

Getting Started with Catalog Authoring

Load Catalog Content

Online Catalog Authoring
Uploading Catalog Files
Monitoring Loader Jobs and Errors

Manage Content

Understanding Catalogs, Content Zones, and Stores
Managing Content and Stores
Creating Smart Forms

Punchout and Transparent Punchout Catalogs

Creating Punchout or Transparent Punchout Content Zones

Online Schema Maintenance

Catalog Structure Overview
Managing Item Categories
Managing Descriptors
Managing Browsing Categories and the Category Hierarchy
Mapping Shopping Categories
Mapping Oracle Purchasing Categories
Monitoring Schema Jobs

Additional Information

Changing the Session Language
Contact Tech Support

iProcurement User Help

Getting Started

Overview of Requisitioning
Frequently Asked Questions

How to Shop

Looking for Items
Shopping Lists
Shopping at Supplier Sites
Non-Catalog Requests
Spot Buy Using Non-Catalog Requests

Creating Requisitions

Your Shopping Cart
One-Time Address
Emergency Requisitions
Estimated Taxes
Enterprise Asset Management
Oracle Process Manufacturing - Outside Processing (OPM-OSP)

Contractor Requests

Creating Contractor Requests
Assigning Contractors
Finding and Tracking Contractor Requests
Evaluating Contractors
Spot Buy Using Contractor Requests

Requisition and Order Status

Finding Requisitions
Changing and Canceling Requisitions
Copying Requisitions
Returning Requisition Lines from Demand Workbench

Approving Requisitions

Finding Requisitions to Approve
Editing Requisitions in Your Approval Queue

Receiving Items

Finding Items to Receive
Receipt Notifications
Adding Attachments during Receiving
Receiving Intransit Shipments
Receiving Contractor Requests
Returns and Corrections

Additional Help

Setting Preferences
Managing Notifications
Purchasing Policies
Contact Purchasing
Contact Technical Support


iProcurement Glossary