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Oracle WebCenter Portal: Spaces
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Administer Oracle WebCenter Portal: Spaces

As an Oracle Fusion Middleware administrator, you can perform the complete range of security-sensitive administrative duties for all of WebCenter Portal's components, as well as all installation, configuration, and audit tasks. The Oracle Enterprise Manager Fusion Middleware Control Console organizes a wide variety of performance data and administrative functions into distinct, web-based home pages. These home pages make it easy to locate the most important monitoring data and the most commonly used administrative functions for any WebCenter component: all from your web browser. Typical administration tasks performed through the Control Console include:

Within Oracle WebCenter Portal: Spaces, the highest application privileges are given to the Spaces administrator. To administer and monitor Spaces, the Spaces administrator can view and modify every aspect of the application, including:

In addition, the Analytics service feature enables the Spaces administrator to monitor usage and performance metrics for the whole site.