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Oracle WebCenter Portal: Spaces
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Use Templates to Create Spaces

Space templates provide a consistent look and feel and an efficient way to create new spaces. While Oracle WebCenter Portal: Spaces is optimally configured out-of-the-box so that business professionals can be productive immediately, there are many applications or portals that require business-specific components to be tailored for a targeted use or process.

When creating Process Portals or Executive Intelligence Cockpits, you can create a template for quick delivery and consistent views of all information. For IT administrators, this means that they can create a template that configures the Social Computing Services, Business Intelligence components, Process Management components, Enterprise Application components, and other gadgets exactly as they are required for users to complete a specific process or procedure within and throughout the organization. For developers, this means they can deliver a seamless and integrated experience. And by combining these templates with Personalization for WebCenter Portal Server Scenarios, a complete user experience can be dynamically assembled to match the user’s key focus areas.

Space templates enable users to save an existing Space they have created as a template for others to use directly. For example, in annual budget reviews, a Space template can be configured so that each department delivers the same standardized formats and presentations for review. Alternatively, you can use one of the out-of-the-box seeded templates:

Another important fact about space templates is that they allow third-party Partners and Companies to leverage their domain expertise to deliver starting points for all industries. Oracle’s Partner Network is actively working with hundreds of partners to deliver templates online for download and widespread usage.