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Oracle WebCenter Portal: Spaces
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Create Personal Pages and Add Content

Personal pages are the pages you create in your personal view of the Home Space. For all of your personal pages, you can customize the information, the content, and the look and feel to meet your specific tasks or tastes. You can also create new pages very quickly and easily and add any combination of the resources available to you through the component Catalog. For example, you can build your own dashboard of Business Intelligence reports, frequently referenced documents, and subject matter experts, and provide one-click access to each.

Use the Manage Pages dialog to add, edit, delete, show, and hide pages and to share pages with other users. You can also add layout components, such as Boxes for additional content areas and a Rich Text Editor for boilerplace text.

Changing the properties and settings of any page is easy. Simply click Edit Page. This opens the page in Composer in WebCenter Portal, which provides easy access to its intuitive controls and dialogs.