Managing User Accounts and User Environments in Oracle® Solaris 11.2

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Updated: September 2014

Commands That Are Used for Managing Users, Roles, and Groups

Note -  The Solaris Management Console GUI, and the command-line interface (CLI) that is associated with this GUI, are no longer supported.

The commands described in the following table are available for managing users, roles, and groups.

Table 1-6  Commands Used to Manage Users, Roles, and Groups
Man Page for Command
For Additional Information
Creates users locally or in an LDAP repository.
Changes user properties locally or in an LDAP repository. If the user properties are security-relevant, such as role assignment, this task might be restricted to your security administrator or to the root role.
Deletes a user from the system or from the LDAP repository. Can involve additional cleanup, such as cron job removal.
Manages roles locally or in an LDAP repository. Roles cannot log in. Users assume an assigned role to perform administrative tasks.
Manages groups locally or in an LDAP repository.