Oracle® Solaris 11 Security Guidelines

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Updated: August 2014

Initially Securing the System

The following tasks are best performed in order. At this point, the Oracle Solaris is installed and only the initial user who can assume the root role has access to the system.

Table 2-1  Securing the System Task Map
For Instructions
1. Verify the packages on the system.
Checks that the packages from the installation source are identical to the installed packages.
2. Ensure that executables are protected.
Checks that ASLR is enabled.
3. Safeguard the hardware settings on the system.
Protects hardware by requiring a password to change hardware settings. On an x86, access to the GRUB menu is controlled. On a SPARC, the eeprom command protects the hardware.
3. Disable unneeded services.
Prevents processes that are not part of the system's required functions from running.
5. Prevent the workstation owner from powering down the system.
Prevents the Console User from shutting down or suspending the system.
6. Create a login warning message that reflects your site's security policy.
Notifies users before and after authentication that the system is monitored.