Oracle® Solaris 11 Security Guidelines

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Updated: August 2014

Maintaining System Security

    Oracle Solaris provides the following features to maintain the security of a system:

  • Verified boot – Secures the boot process. Verified boot is disabled by default.

  • Package verification – Verifies that the installed packages are identical to the packages in the source repository.

  • Audit service – Audits access and use of the system. Auditing is enabled by default.

  • File integrity verification – BART manifests can list every file on the system, and comparisons of manifests are used to verify that file integrity is maintained.

  • Log files – SMF provides log files for every service. The syslog utility provides a central file for naming and configuring logs for system services and can optionally notify administrators of critical events. Other features, such as auditing, also create their own logs.

  • Compliance reports – Oracle Solaris provides several security benchmarks against which to assess your system. These assessments produce reports that help you evaluate the security posture of the system.