Oracle® Solaris 11 Security Guidelines

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Updated: August 2014

Securing System Access and Use

You can configure Oracle Solaris security features to protect your system use, including applications and services on the system and on the network.

Table 2-6  Securing System Access and Use Task Map
For Instructions
Prevent programs from exploiting an executable stack.
Sets a system variable that prevents the exploitation of buffer overflows that exploit the executable stack.
Ensure that binaries that are tagged for address space layout randomization (ASLR) can use ASLR.
Enables ASLR for tagged binaries.
Configure auditing.
Customizes audit configuration for coverage and file integrity.
Protect core files that might contain sensitive information.
Creates a directory with limited access that is dedicated to core files.
Protect a web server with SSL Kernel Proxy.
The Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol can be used to encrypt and accelerate web server communications.
Create zones to contain applications.
Zones are containers that isolate processes. They can isolate applications and parts of applications. For example, zones can be used to separate a web site's database from the site's web server.
Manage resources in zones.
Zones provide a number of tools to manage zone resources.