Oracle® Solaris 11 Security Guidelines

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Updated: August 2014

Maintaining and Monitoring System Security

The following tasks maintain and monitor access and use of the system, data, and adherence to your site's security requirements.

Table 3-1  Maintaining and Monitoring the System Task Map
For Instructions
Verify the packages on the system.
Checks that the packages after an update are identical to the source packages.
Verify file integrity.
After configuration, compares BART manifests at regular intervals to ensure that only files that should be changed are changed.
Find rogue files.
Locates the potentially unauthorized use of the setuid and setgid permissions on programs.
Review audit logs regularly.
Locates unusual access and use of the system.
Review audit logs for login and logout events in real time.
Identifies attempted breaches near to the time that the attempts occur.
Run compliance tests.
Assesses the system's compliance to security benchmarks.