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Updated: July 2014



xhci - host controller driver





The xhci host controller driver is a USBA (Solaris USB Architecture) compliant nexus driver that supports the eXtensible Host Controller Interface Specification 1.0, an industry standard developed by Intel.

A USB 3.0 hosts include both SuperSpeed and non-SuperSpeed bus interfaces, so it enables support for Low-, Full-, High- and SuperSpeed devices.

The xhci driver supports 3 of all 4 USB transfers, including interrupt, control and bulk.



32-bit ELF kernel module (SPARC or x86)


64–bit ELF kernel module. (x86)


64–bit ELF kernel module. (SPARC)


Driver configuration file.


See attributes(5) for descriptions of the following attributes:

SPARC or x86 PCI-based systems

See also

add_drv(1M), prtconf(1M) , rem_drv(1M), update_drv (1M), attributes(5), ehci(7D), hubd(7D), ohci(7D), usba(7D)

Writing Device Drivers for Oracle Solaris 11.2

Universal Serial Bus Specification 3.0

Extensible Host Controller Interface Specification for Universal Serial Bus 3.0, Version 1.0

Introduction to Oracle Solaris 11 Administration


All host controller errors are passed to the client drivers. Root errors are documented in hubd(7D).

In addition to being logged, the following messages can appear on the system console. All messages are formatted in the following manner:

WARNING: <device path> <xhci><instance number>>: Error message ...
Unable to take control from BIOS. Failure is ignored.

The driver was unable to take control of the xHCI hardware from the system's BIOS. This failure is ignored. To abort the attach on this take-over failure, comment out a property in xhci.conf. (x86).

Unable to take control from BIOS.

The driver is unable to take control of the xHCI hardware from the system's BIOS and aborts the attach. Contact your system vendor or your system administrator for possible changes in BIOS settings. You can disable a property in xhci.conf to ignore this failure. (x86.)

Host system error detected

A serious host error is detected, either internal to the xHC or during a host system access involving the xHC module. (In a PCI system, conditions might include PCI Parity error, PCI Master Abort, and PCI Target Abort.)

Host controller internal error detected

An internal error condition has been detected which requires software to reset and re-initialize the host controller.

Error recovery failure: Please hotplug the 2.0 hub at <device path>.

The driver failed to clear 2.0 hub's TT buffer. Remove and reinsert the external USB2.0 hub.