Managing Kerberos and Other Authentication Services in Oracle® Solaris 11.2

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Updated: August 2014

gkadmin GUI

The Kerberos gkadmin GUI provides most of the capabilities of the CLI, and includes online help. The following table describes the differences between the CLI and the GUI.

Table 5-1  Command-Line Equivalents of the gkadmin GUI
gkadmin GUI Procedure
Equivalent kadmin Command
View the list of principals.
list_principals or get_principals
View a principal's attributes.
Create a new principal.
Duplicate a principal.
No command-line equivalent
Modify a principal.
modify_principal or change_password
Delete a principal.
Set up defaults for creating new principals.
No command-line equivalent
View the list of policies.
list_policies or get_policies
View a policy's attributes.
Create a new policy.
Duplicate a policy.
No command-line equivalent
Modify a policy.
Delete a policy.

The Kerberos gkadmin GUI provides context-sensitive help. For browser access, use the Oracle URL . You can copy this file to a site URL. Specify the online help URL in the krb5.conf file when configuring a host to use the gkadmin GUI.