Managing Kerberos and Other Authentication Services in Oracle® Solaris 11.2

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Updated: August 2014

Managing a KDC on an LDAP Directory Server

Most of the KDC administration tasks that use an LDAP Directory Server are the same as those for the DB2 server. Some new tasks are specific to working with LDAP.

Table 4-4  Configuring KDC Servers to Use LDAP Task Map
For Instructions
Configure a master KDC.
Configures and builds the master KDC server and database for a realm using a manual process and using LDAP with the KDC.
Mix Kerberos principal attributes with non-Kerberos object class types.
Enables information stored with the Kerberos records to be shared with other LDAP databases.
Destroy a realm.
Removes all of the data associated with a realm.