Managing Kerberos and Other Authentication Services in Oracle® Solaris 11.2

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Updated: August 2014

Benefits of Using PAM

    The PAM framework enables you to configure the requirements that users must satisfy to use an application. The following are some of the benefits that PAM provides:

  • Flexible PAM configuration policy

    • Per-service name authentication policy

    • Site-wide PAM policy and per-user PAM policy

    • Administrative choice of a default authentication policy

    • Enforcement of multiple user requirements on high-security systems

  • Ease of use for the end user

    • No retyping of identical passwords for different authentication services

    • User prompting by multiple authentication services rather than requiring a user to type multiple commands

  • Ease of configuration for the administrator

    • The ability to pass options to the PAM service module

    • The ability to implement a site-specific security policy without having to change the applications