Administering Resource Management in Oracle® Solaris 11.2

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Updated: July 2014


PAM (pluggable authentication module)
identity managementindex iconPAM Subsystem
Perl interfaceindex iconPerl Interface to libexacct
pluggable authentication module  Seeindex iconPAM
asynchronous control violationindex iconIdentifying Control Violations
configurable componentsindex iconpoold Functionality That Can Be Configured
constraintsindex iconConfiguration Constraints
control scopeindex iconIdentifying a Resource Shortage
cpu-pinned propertyindex iconcpu.pinned Property Constraint
descriptionindex iconpoold Overview
dynamic resource allocationindex iconIntroduction to Dynamic Resource Pools
logging informationindex iconpoold Logging Information
objectivesindex iconConfiguration Objectives
synchronous control violationindex iconIdentifying Control Violations
poolsindex iconIntroduction to Resource Pools
descriptionindex iconUsing poolstat to Monitor the Pools Facility and Resource Utilization
output formatindex iconpoolstat Output
usage examplesindex iconUsing poolstat to Report Statistics for Pool-Related Resources
privilege levels, threshold valuesindex iconResource Control Values and Privilege Levels
active stateindex iconCPU Shares and Process State
definitionindex iconProject Identifiers
idle stateindex iconCPU Shares and Process State
with zero sharesindex iconCPU Share Definition
project 0index iconCPU Shares Configuration
project system  Seeindex iconproject 0
project.cpu-sharesindex iconCPU Shares Configuration
project.pool attributeindex iconproject.pool Attribute
project databaseindex iconproject Database
putacct system callindex iconexacct Records and Format