Administering Resource Management in Oracle® Solaris 11.2

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Updated: July 2014

Reporting Resource Set Statistics

The following example uses the poolstat command with the –r option to report statistics for the processor set resource set. Note that the resource set pset_default is attached to more than one pool, so this processor set is listed once for each pool membership.

machine% poolstat -r pset
      id pool          type rid rset          min  max size used load
       0 pool_default  pset  -1 pset_default    1  65K    2  1.2  8.3
       6 pool_sales    pset   1 pset_sales      1  65K    2  1.2  8.3
       2 pool_other    pset  -1 pset_default    1  10K    2  0.4  5.2