Administering Resource Management in Oracle® Solaris 11.2

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Updated: July 2014

Memory Cap Enforcement Threshold

The memory cap enforcement threshold is the percentage of physical memory utilization on the system that triggers cap enforcement. When the system exceeds this utilization, caps are enforced. The physical memory used by applications and the kernel is included in this percentage. The percentage of utilization determines the way in which memory caps are enforced.

To enforce caps, memory can be paged out from project workloads.

  • Memory can be paged out to reduce the size of the portion of memory that is over its cap for a given workload.

  • Memory can be paged out to reduce the proportion of physical memory used that is over the memory cap enforcement threshold on the system.

A workload is permitted to use physical memory up to its cap. A workload can use additional memory as long as the system's memory utilization stays below the memory cap enforcement threshold.

To set the value for cap enforcement, see How to Set the Memory Cap Enforcement Threshold.