Administering Resource Management in Oracle® Solaris 11.2

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Updated: July 2014

Server Consolidation

Resource management is ideal for environments that consolidate a number of applications on a single server.

The cost and complexity of managing numerous machines encourages the consolidation of several applications on larger, more scalable servers. Instead of running each workload on a separate system, with full access to that system's resources, you can use resource management software to segregate workloads within the system. Resource management enables you to lower overall total cost of ownership by running and controlling several dissimilar applications on a single Oracle Solaris system.

If you are providing Internet and application services, you can use resource management to do the following:

  • Host multiple web servers on a single machine. You can control the resource consumption for each web site and you can protect each site from the potential excesses of other sites.

  • Prevent a faulty common gateway interface (CGI) script from exhausting CPU resources.

  • Stop an incorrectly behaving application from leaking all available virtual memory.

  • Ensure that one customer's applications are not affected by another customer's applications that run at the same site.

  • Provide differentiated levels or classes of service on the same machine.

  • Obtain accounting information for billing purposes.