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Compartmented Mode Workstation Labeling: Encodings Format

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Updated: October 2017

Plan of Paper

The remainder of this document specifies how to construct a standard encodings file for CMWs. Structure and Syntax of Encodings File describes the general structure of an encodings file. Classification Encodings describes how classifications are specified. Information Label Encodings describes how the words that make up information labels are specified. Sensitivity Label, Clearance, Channels, and Printer Banner Encodings describes how the words that make up sensitivity labels, clearances, printer banner and other non-handling caveats for printer banner pages are specified. Accreditation Range and Name Information Label Encodings describes how the system and user accreditation ranges the information labels of classified names are specified. General Considerations for Specifying Encodings" discusses general considerations for specifying encodings. Enforcing Proper Label Adjudications describes how to use the encodings to enforce proper label adjudication. Encodings Specifications Error Messages describes the error messages that can occur from improper encodings specification. Annotated Sample Encodings contains a sample encodings file with annotations to describe what the entries in the file are designed to accomplish. The Glossary is provided to define important terms as they are used in this document. An Index of important terms is provided to facilitate reference.