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Compartmented Mode Workstation Labeling: Encodings Format

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Updated: October 2017

Name Information Label Encodings

In some encodings files, some classification and word names themselves may be classified. If so, the optional NAME INFORMATION LABELS: section specifies the information label of names specified in the encodings. An information label can be specified for every classification and word name, including prefixes and suffixes. This section is entirely optional. If not included, the information labels of all names will be assumed to be the minimum information label. Even if this section is included, it is necessary to specify information labels for only those names whose information label is other than the minimum information label.

The NAME INFORMATION LABELS: section consists of zero or more information label specifications. Each information label specification consists of one or more name= keywords followed by one il= specification. All of the names specified are assigned the single information label specified. The names can be classification names, snames, or anames, or word names or snames (including prefix or suffix names or snames).

Each information label specified must be well formed according to the encodings in the CLASSIFICATIONS: and INFORMATION LABELS: sections. Furthermore, each information label must be in canonical form. An information label is in canonical form if it begins with a classification name (not sname or aname) followed by the name of zero or more INFORMATION LABELS: WORD:, in the order in which the words appear in the INFORMATION LABELS: section.

The following examples, drawn from the same encodings in Annotated Sample Encodings, serve to illustrate the usage of name information label specifications. For example, the information label specification:

name= bravo1;	il= confidential b;

assigns the information label confidential b to the name bravo1, which appears only in the INFORMATION LABELS: section. The specification:

name= alpha1;

name= alpha2;

name= alpha3;	il= confidential a;

assigns the information label confidential a to the names alpha1, alpha2, and alpha3, which appear only in the INFORMATION LABELS: section. The specification:

name= sa;	il= top secret sa;

assigns the information label top secret sa to the name sa, which appears in the INFORMATION LABELS:, SENSITIVITY LABELS:, and CLEARANCES:, sections. Finally, the specification:

name= (CH A);	il= confidential a;

assigns the information label confidential a to the name (CH A), which appears multiple times in the CHANNELS: section.