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Compartmented Mode Workstation Labeling: Encodings Format

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Updated: October 2017

Normal Words

Example 2, Normal Words shows the encoding of a normal (non-inverse) word not necessarily in a hierarchy. A single marking (or compartment) bit is necessary, and this bit should not be specified as an initial marking (or compartment) bit (except in the rare case that this word is a default word that should always be present with some classification). This example is the simplest and most common example of the association between a human-readable word and the internal bit format. Normal words can also have multiple associated bits, and may be in hierarchies with other words.

Example 2  Normal Words
name= word1;  markings= 0; 

Annotated Sample Encodings has the following examples of normal information label words: CC, SB, bravo1, bravo2, bravo3, B, alpha1, alpha2, alpha3, A, project x LIMDIS, project y LIMDIS, ORCON org x, ORCON org y, D/E, all eyes, p1 eyes only, p2 eyes only, WNINTEL, and NOFORN.