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Compartmented Mode Workstation Labeling: Encodings Format

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Updated: October 2017

Printer Banner Encodings

The PRINTER BANNERS: section specifies the words that make up a human-readable representation of caveats other than HANDLE VIA... caveats that must be included in printer banner pages. Whereas the CHANNELS: section specifies HANDLE VIA... caveats based typically on the main (non-sub) compartments in the sensitivity label, the PRINTER BANNERS: section specifies caveats based on any of the compartments or markings bits. This section is used by the system only to translate the internal form of a sensitivity label along with the markings from the corresponding information label to the appropriate human-readable non-handling channel caveat. The example in Printer Banners Encodings String shows the format of a printer banner page with the non-handling channel caveat denoted. Since this section is not used for translating human-readable handling caveats into the internal format, there is no need for the REQUIRED COMBINATIONS: and COMBINATION CONSTRAINTS: subsections. Therefore, the PRINTER BANNERS: section contains a single subsection: WORDS:.

The PRINTER BANNERS: WORDS: subsection has a structure identical to the CHANNELS: WORDS: subsection, except that the markings= keyword is also allowed, for reasons described above. Note that the sname=, iname=, minclass=, and maxclass= keywords have no meaning or purpose for printer banner caveats, and are therefore ignored or not allowed.

In all cases, the PRINTER BANNERS: section cannot associate words with compartment bits not associated with words in the INFORMATION LABELS:, SENSITIVITY LABELS:, and CLEARANCES: sections, and cannot associate words with marking bits not associated with words in the INFORMATION LABELS: section.

Figure 4  Printer Banners Encodings String

image:Graphic shows a printer banner with the encodings string “FULL SA NAME“ above the Channels and TOP SECRET lines.