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Compartmented Mode Workstation Labeling: Encodings Format

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Updated: October 2017
Chapter 3

Classification Encodings

The CLASSIFICATIONS: section specifies the hierarchical classifications to be used by the system. Each classification is defined in terms of its full name, a short name, an internal integer value, and the initial compartments and markings to be associated with a classification, to be described below. This section is used by the system to convert a human-readable representation of a classification into the internal integer form, and to translate the internal form to a human-readable representation.

The CLASSIFICATIONS: section must contain one or more classification specifications. The specification of a classification starts with a name= keyword, and ends with the next name= keyword or the start of the INFORMATION LABELS: section. Therefore, a name= keyword must be the first keyword to follow the CLASSIFICATIONS: keyword. Other keywords used to define a classification are the sname=, aname=, value=, initial compartments=, and initial markings= keywords. These keywords can appear in any order following a name= keyword. A classification cannot contain the slash (/) or comma (,) or whitespace (space, tab, carriage return, linefeed, formfeed) characters.