Oracle® Solaris Cluster Data Services Planning and Administration Guide

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Updated: September 2014, E39648–02

How to Clear the STOP_FAILED Error Flag on Resources

Perform this procedure from any cluster node.

Note -  You can also use the Oracle Solaris Cluster Manager GUI to clear the STOP_FAILED state on a resource. For GUI log-in instructions, see How to Access Oracle Solaris Cluster Manager in Oracle Solaris Cluster System Administration Guide .

Before You Begin

Ensure that you have the following information.

  • The name of the node where the resource is STOP_FAILED

  • The name of the resource and resource group that are in STOP_FAILED state

  1. On a cluster member, assume the root role that provides solaris.cluster.modify RBAC authorization.
  2. Identify which resources have gone into the STOP_FAILED state and on which nodes.
    # clresource status 
  3. Manually stop the resources and their monitors on the nodes on which they are in STOP_FAILED state.

    This step might require that you kill processes or run commands that are specific to resource types or other commands.

  4. Clear the STOP_FAILED error flag on the resources.
    # clresource clear -f STOP_FAILED -n nodelist resource 

    Specifies the flag name.

    –n nodelist

    Specifies a comma-separated list of the names of the nodes where the resource is in the STOP_FAILED state. The list may contain one node name or more than one node name.


    Specifies the name of the resource.

  5. Check the resource group state on the nodes where you cleared the STOP_FAILED flag in Step 4.
    # clresourcegroup status

    The resource group state should now be OFFLINE or ONLINE.

      The resource group remains in the ERROR_STOP_FAILED state in the following combination of circumstances:

    • The resource group was being switched offline when the STOP method failure occurred.

    • The resource that failed to stop had a dependency on other resources in the resource group.

  6. If the resource group remains in the ERROR_STOP_FAILED state, correct the error as follows.
    1. Switch the resource group offline on the appropriate nodes.
      # clresourcegroup offline resource-group

      Specifies the name of the resource group to switch offline.

    2. Switch the resource group to the ONLINE state.

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