Oracle® Solaris Cluster Data Services Planning and Administration Guide

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Updated: September 2014, E39648–02


partial failuresindex iconComplete Failures and Partial Failures of a Resource
effect of probe interval onindex iconSetting the Interval Between Fault Monitor Probes
optimizing for mission-critical servicesindex iconSpecifying That a Critical Service Has Precedence
persistent faults
definingindex iconDefining the Criteria for Persistent Faults
ping command
responses from disabled resourcesindex iconHow to Disable a Resource and Move Its Resource Group Into the UNMANAGED State
cluster file systemindex iconPlanning the Cluster File System Configuration
data servicesindex iconPlanning for Oracle Solaris Cluster Data Services
preemption mode
setting for load distributionindex iconHow to Set Preemption Mode for a Resource Group
preregistered resource types
reregistering after inadvertent deletionindex iconReregistering Preregistered Resource Types After Inadvertent Deletion
upgradingindex iconUpgrading a Preregistered Resource Type
setting for load distributionindex iconHow to Set Priority for a Resource Group
Probe_timeout extension property
effect on restart timeindex iconDependencies of the Threshold and the Retry Interval on Other Properties
tuningindex iconSetting the Timeout for Fault Monitor Probes
  See alsoindex iconextension properties
  See alsoindex iconextension properties
clusterindex iconCluster Properties
resourceindex iconResource Properties
resource groupindex iconResource Group Properties
index iconInformation for Migrating Existing Instances of the Resource Type
index iconInformation for Migrating Existing Instances of the Resource Type
property attributes
resourceindex iconResource Property Attributes
property names
rulesindex iconRules for Names Except Resource Type Names
property values
rulesindex iconRGM Values