Oracle® Solaris Cluster Data Services Planning and Administration Guide

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Updated: September 2014, E39648–02

Registering a Resource Type

A resource type specifies common properties and callback methods that apply to all of the resources of the given type. You must register a resource type before you create a resource of that type. For details about resource types, see Chapter 1, Planning for Oracle Solaris Cluster Data Services.

An administrator can register a resource type for a zone cluster by specifying a resource type registration (RTR) file that resides inside the zone cluster. In other words, the file must be under the zone root path. The RTR file inside the zone cluster cannot have the Global_zone property set to TRUE. The RTR file inside the zone cluster cannot be of type RTR_LOGICAL_HOSTNAME or RTR_SHARED_ADDRESS.

Note -  If you want to register a resource type in a zone cluster that uses the Trusted Extensions feature of Oracle Solaris, and you want to set the Global_zone resource-type property to TRUE, you must place the RTR file in the /usr/cluster/lib/rgm/rtreg directory of the global cluster.

The administrator can also register a resource type for a zone cluster from the location /usr/cluster/lib/rgm/rtreg. The administrator in the zone cluster cannot modify any RTR files in this directory. This enables registering system resource types for a zone cluster, even when the RTR file has one of the properties that cannot be set directly from the zone cluster. This process provides a secure way of delivering system resource types.