Oracle® Solaris Cluster Data Services Planning and Administration Guide

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Updated: September 2014, E39648–02

Setting the Timeout for Fault Monitor Probes

The timeout for fault monitor probes specifies the length of time that a fault monitor waits for a response from a resource to a probe. If the fault monitor does not receive a response within this timeout, the fault monitor treats the resource as faulty. The time that a resource requires to respond to a fault monitor probe depends on the operations that the fault monitor performs to probe the resource. For information about operations that a data service's fault monitor performs to probe a resource, see the documentation for the data service.

The time that is required for a resource to respond also depends on factors that are unrelated to the fault monitor or the application, for example:

  • System configuration

  • Cluster configuration

  • System load

  • Amount of network traffic

To set the timeout for fault monitor probes, set the Probe_timeout extension property of the resource to the timeout in seconds that you require.