Oracle® Solaris Cluster Data Services Planning and Administration Guide

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Updated: September 2014, E39648–02

How to Change a ZFS Pool Configuration That is Managed by an HAStoragePlus Resource in an Offline State

  1. Ensure that the ZFS pool that requires configuration changes is not imported on any node.
    # zpool list zfs-pool-name

    Run this command on all cluster nodes that have a physical connection to the ZFS pool.

  2. Import the pool on the alternate root without using the force option on a cluster node that has a physical connection to the ZFS pool.
    # zpool import -R zfs-pool-name

    If the import succeeds, proceed to Step 3. If the import fails, the cluster node that previously accessed the pool might have shut down without exporting the pool. Follow the substeps below to ensure that the cluster node is not using the ZFS pool and then import the pool forcefully:

    1. Check if the import failed due to an error message similar to the one below. If it did, proceed to Step b and Step c:
      Cannot import 'zfs-pool-name': pool may be in use from other system, it was last 
      accessed by hostname (hostid: hostid) on accessed-date.
    2. Verify that the pool is not in use on the machine that last accessed it.
      hostname# zpool list zfs-pool-name
    3. If the ZFS pool is not in use on that node, import the pool forcefully.
      # zpool import -f zfs-pool-name
  3. Perform the ZFS pool configuration changes.
  4. Export the ZFS pool and check that the pool is not in use.
    # zpool export zfs-pool-name
    # zpool list zfs-pool-name