Oracle® Hardware Management Pack for Oracle Solaris 11.2 Release Notes

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Updated: November 2015

Issues Fixed

The following are issues for Oracle Hardware Management Pack that were fixed in Oracle Solaris 11.2 SRU releases. Oracle recommends that you always use the latest SRU.

Issues Fixed in Release SRU 14 (HMP version

  • Duplicated disk events should be integrated to one in event log (21495102)

  • Network bonding configuration of multiple Ethernet cards can cause management agent to hang ILOM (21439951)

  • fwupdate tries to get local ILOM credentials when running with -H option (21086520)

  • Remote ILOM update: the host, where command is launched, is rebooted (18048467)

  • Remove stored credential feature from HMP (21563538)

  • Unexpected "%s" characters in component names in sunStorageMIB query output (21657443)

Issues Fixed in Release SRU 13 (HMP version

  • hwmgmtd on guest domain hangs sometimes (21259322)

  • hwmgmtd increasing memory usage over time (20764702)

  • /etc/ssm/hwmgmtd.conf is a non-editable file in IPS package hwmgmtd (21264661)

  • fwupdate terminates with alarm clock message (21330923)

Issues Fixed in Release SRU 12 (HMP version

  • ilomconfig reset hostprofile does not remove all previous host profile updates (21207930)

  • Change nvmeadm to improve error messages and controller error case behavior (21093595)

Issued Fixed in Release SRU 11 (HMP version

  • User warning: raidconfig shows the system boot disk as available (20992189)

  • SPARC: fwupdate list disk in LDG1 yields "Message Get Device ID command failed Unknown (0x7E)" (21049992)

  • Oracle Solaris 11.2 SRU 8 nvmeadm doesn't work on M10 (20829055)

  • When creating a RAID volume, cachemode NRWTC is configured by default (20988172)

  • raidconfig reports cache status incorrectly for MegaRAID model 9261-8i (20845581)

  • Errors upgrading Solaris 11.1 to 11.2 SRU 8 when MOS version of HMP installed (21136438)

  • SPARC: HMP libs should cache platform name to reduce service start times (21136843)

  • At system startup, svcs dependencies require ilomconfig to run before sp/management (21108476)

  • Raid cache setting changes in raidconfig manpage (21098717)

  • Cleanup host_profile messages to remove misleading "failed" messages (21181271)

  • Message "hwmgmtd reset is set to on" should not appear on console (only in log file) (21180841)

  • ubiosconfig reports inaccurate error messages for BIOS upgrade failures (21155720)

  • Memory leak in HMP agent (21151019)

  • Oracle Solaris 11.2 SRU 4.6 (SPARC) /sbin/ipmitool core dumps with switch "-I lanplus" (20457919)

Issues Fixed in Release SRU 10 (HMP version

  • Fix incorrect hwmgmtd log message when child process is killed (20905150)

  • Some nvmeadm message output on some commands are not clear (20898666)

  • nvmeadm getlog does not report correct value for available error logs (20884169)

  • Boot time improvement for processes that use Host-to-ILOM Interconnect on Solaris 11 (20868703)

  • When using raidconfig to import the configuration of RAIDs with subdisks, if multiple RAIDs on a controller have been modified, only the modified properties on first RAID will be imported (16494064)

  • Need to add auto powercycle support to fwupdate for SPARC systems (15775719)

  • Have hwmgmtd use Oracle Solaris fcinfo to gather information on fibre channel adapters instead of vendor tools quacli and hbacmd (20984781)

  • Use of vendor tool quacli by hwmgmtd causing FC storage links to go offline/online (20950982)

  • Need to update timestamp in host profile (20967978)

  • SPARC: nvmeadm shows unclear values in getlog -h output (20925705)

  • nvmeadm message when attempting to offline a busy device is not clear (20924121)

  • nvmeadm format and import online device error message should include device name (20923927)

  • nvmeadm import/export subcommand functionality is not properly documented (20884222)

  • "ERROR: Internal error" displays when modifying Host-to-ILOM interconnect netmask (20815962)

  • ilomconfig reports benign "Unable to get mutex" log message (20761474)

Issues Fixed in Release SRU 9 (HMP version

  • nvmeadm not supported on Netra X5-2 (20572107)

  • ilomconfig reports misleading error (20549914)

  • fwupdate returns errors when using the "list all" option on X5-4 (20433480)

  • fwupdate fails to update Intel LAN-on-Motherboard on X4-8 (19790933)

  • ubiosconfig "BIOS configuration not accessible" error not parsed correctly (20673119)

  • Remove unnecessary polling by HMP of drives on SPARC systems (20664342)

  • hwmgmtd on Oracle Solaris 11.2 SRU 8 dumps core (20636323)

  • Core.hwmgmtd.xxxx files getting created often under root (20609628)

  • Removed Guest Domains continue to be reported (20586180)

  • Storage components appear and disappear (20686854)

  • X5-8: ipmitool called from Windows shows wrong DIMM FRUID data (20638554)

  • IPMITool sunoem cli does not correctly close connection to SP for KCS interface (19773825)

Issues Fixed in Release SRU 8 (HMP version

  • Large amount of SAS storage can cause ILOM to reset, need to eliminate non-essential SAS info (20366031)

  • /System/Firmware/Other_Firmware displays wrong disk id numbers (20173839)

  • fwupdate fails with "ERROR: Platform not supported" message (19207713)

  • Unable to update Emulex Fiber Channel Adapter in Solaris (20403230)

  • Unable to update Emulex Fiber Channel FCoE Adapter in Solaris (20403226)

  • fwupdate displays no information for Emulex Fiber Channel Adapter (20507113)

  • Display controller serial number if available (20515989)

  • fwupdate command line help should list short option for help (-?) in general options (20395086)

  • If HMP launches third party tool that hangs, it can also hang other HMP processes--need launcher timeout control to terminate hung tool (19589977)