Oracle® Hardware Management Pack for Oracle Solaris 11.2 Release Notes

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Updated: November 2015

Running hwmgmtcli list open_problems Might Show Incomplete Open Problems Report (21787319)

When running Oracle Solaris 11.2 with SRU 14, under certain rare conditions the hwmgmtcli list open_problems command might not show open problems the host has detected for storage devices. Or the host-detected storage problems shown might be incomplete and might even over-write other existing non-storage open problems. For this issue to be seen, the following conditions must exist:

  1. Oracle ILOM reports that /System/Storage/health is OK.

  2. The host has diagnosed storage issues which Oracle ILOM is not capable of diagnosing.

Under these conditions, the hwmgmtcli list open_problems output might be corrupted in the following ways:

  • If Oracle ILOM has no open problems, then no open problems of any kind will be listed.

  • If host-detected storage problems are found, only those that can replace existing Oracle ILOM problems in the hwmgmtcli output will be listed. For example, if two Oracle ILOM problems exist and the host detects three storage problems, hwmgmtcli will only list two of the storage problems (replacing the two Oracle ILOM problems).

There is no workaround for this issue. When assessing possible storage problems, use Oracle ILOM first to gather as much information as possible on storage issues it can diagnose. Then use hwmgmtcli to see if you can obtain any additional information on storage issues Oracle ILOM cannot diagnose. You can also use host logs and available OS and vendor storage controller tools to further investigate the issue.