Profile Report Group

Activities Scheduled for Profile Only - The Activities Scheduled for Profiles Only report displays activities that are associated to profiles and not reservations and that fall within the date range selected.

Duplicate Profile - The Duplicate Profile Report displays profile address, membership and passport information to assist in determining if a duplicate profile exists in your system.

Guest Birthday - The Guest Birthday Report displays all guest profiles that have a birth date entered. The report includes information on stay history, VIP status and the next scheduled reservation.

Incomplete Address - The Guests Incomplete Addresses Report displays all Profiles that have incomplete address information.

Member Report - The Member Report displays all reservations that have or had a membership attached to the reservation.

Membership Pre-Check In - The Membership Pre-Check In Report will display those Reservations not yet checked in, and have active Membership attached to the Reservation.

Membership Report - The Loyalty Member Stay Report displays which guests have a Membership attached to a reservation.

Profile Address - The Profile Address Report lists basic address information for all Profiles in the system.

Profile Notes - The Profile Notes report displays all the profile notes attached to Profiles.

Profile Production - The Profile Production - Summary Report allows a property the means to determine the production a profile is generating for their property.

Profile Productivity LOS - The Profile Productivity LOS allows the user to display profile production by pre-defined Length of Stay Groups.

Profile Productivity Statistics - Detailed - The Profile Productivity Statistics Detailed Report allows a means of printing a detailed breakdown of each reservation that comprised the production for a specific profile.

Profile with AR Number - The Profile With AR Number Report displays all Profiles that have an AR number configured and attached to the profile.

Restricted List - The Restricted List Report displays a list of all profiles that have been marked with a restricted status.