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Oracle® Developer Studio 12.5: Installation Guide

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Updated: July 2016

Uninstalling Oracle Developer Studio 12.5 on Oracle Solaris 11 Platforms

To uninstall the entire Oracle Developer Studio 12.5 software on an Oracle Solaris 11 platform, type:

% sudo pkg uninstall 'developer/developerstudio-125*'

Note -  When you install Oracle Developer Studio 12.5, some Oracle Solaris 11 packages are installed along with the Oracle Developer Studio packages to satisfy dependencies. Uninstalling Oracle Developer Studio 12.5 does not uninstall these Oracle Solaris 11 packages.

To uninstall individual components, type the following where package-name is one of the packages listed in Table 7:.

% sudo pkg uninstall 'developer/developerstudio-125/package-name'

Note that some packages cannot be uninstalled by themselves because other packages have dependencies on them.