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Oracle® Developer Studio 12.5: Installation Guide

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Updated: July 2016

Verifying Required Privileges to Install IPS Packages

Make sure you have permission to install IPS packages using the following methods.

  • Use the profiles command to list the rights profiles that are assigned to you.

    If you have the Software Installation rights profile, you can use the pfexec command to install and update packages without becoming superuser. For example:

    $ pfexec pkg install package-name

    Other rights profiles also provide installation privilege, such as System Administrator rights profile.

  • Depending on the security policy at your site, you might be able to use the sudo command with your user password to execute a privileged command. For example:

    $ sudo pkg install package-name
  • Use the roles command to list the roles that are assigned to you.

    If you have the root role, you can use the su command with the root password to assume the root role. For example:

    # pkg install package-name

See Adding and Updating Software in Oracle Solaris 11.3 in the Oracle Solaris 11.3 Information Library for more information about installation privileges.