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Oracle® Developer Studio 12.5: Installation Guide

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Updated: July 2016

Installing Only the Runtime Libraries on Oracle Solaris 11

The required runtime libraries are installed automatically when you install the complete developerstudio-125 package.

You must separately install the Oracle Developer Studio runtime libraries on machines where Oracle Developer Studio will not be installed but the runtime libraries are needed:

  • The runtime libraries must be installed on any machines where applications built using Oracle Developer Studio 12.5 will be executed.

  • If you install runtime libraries in a global zone, you might also need to install them in the nonglobal zones as well.

  • If an installation of Oracle Developer Studio is shared over NFS, the runtime libraries must be installed on NFS client systems before the clients can use the shared installation.

How to Install Only the Runtime Libraries on Oracle Solaris 11

This procedure is needed only for systems described above where the complete release has not been installed.

Before You Begin

Verify that the Oracle Solaris 11 system has the been updated to required system libraries. See Updating Oracle Solaris 11 System Libraries Required by Oracle Developer Studio 12.5.

Verify that the system is configured to use the Oracle Developer Studio package repository as described in steps 1 through 3 in How to Install Oracle Developer Studio 12.5 from the Package Repository.

You must have privileges to install software on the system.

  1. Become root or a user privileged to install software.
  2. Verify that Oracle Developer Studio 12.5 is not already installed on the system by typing the following:
    # pkg list 'developer/developerstudio-125/*'
    pkg list: No packages matching 'developer/developerstudio-125/*' installed 
  3. Install the libraries by typing the following:
    # pkg install --accept developerstudio-125/library/c++-libs \
    developerstudio-125/library/c-libs \
    developerstudio-125/library/f90-libs \
    developerstudio-125/library/math-libs \
    developerstudio-125/library/perflib \

    You should see output similar to the following:

               Packages to install:  9
           Create boot environment: No
    Create backup boot environment: No
    DOWNLOAD                                PKGS         FILES    XFER (MB)   SPEED
    Completed                                9/9     4872/4872  185.5/185.5 14.1M/s
    PHASE                                          ITEMS
    Installing new actions                     5189/5189
    Updating package state database                 Done
    Updating package cache                           0/0
    Updating image state                            Done
    Creating fast lookup database                   Done
    Reading search index                            Done
    Updating search index                            9/9
    Updating package cache                           2/2
  4. View the installed packages by typing the following:
    # pkg list developer/developerstudio-125/\*
    NAME (PUBLISHER)                                  VERSION                    IFO
    developer/developerstudio-125/library/c++-libs (solarisstudio) 12.5-               i--
    developer/developerstudio-125/library/c-libs (solarisstudio) 12.5-               i--
    developer/developerstudio-125/library/f90-libs (solarisstudio) 12.5-               i--
    developer/developerstudio-125/library/math-libs (solarisstudio) 12.5-               i--
    developer/developerstudio-125/library/perflib (solarisstudio) 12.5-               i--
    developer/developerstudio-125/library/studio-gccrt (solarisstudio) 12.5-               i--
    developer/developerstudio-125/studio-common (solarisstudio) 12.5-               i--
    developer/developerstudio-125/studio-ja (solarisstudio) 12.5-               i--
    developer/developerstudio-125/studio-legal (solarisstudio) 12.5-               i--
    developer/developerstudio-125/studio-zhCN (solarisstudio) 12.5-               i-- 

    Additional required packages were automatically installed.

Next Steps

Verify that users on this system are able to use Oracle Developer Studio 12.5. See After Installing Oracle Developer Studio 12.5.