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Oracle® Developer Studio 12.5: Installation Guide

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Updated: July 2016

Fixing a Failed Uninstallation Using the Uninstaller

In some cases, the Oracle Developer Studio packages might be correctly installed and the uninstaller is present in the installation directory, but the uninstaller fails because the /.nbi is corrupted. In this situation, you can force the uninstaller to remove the Oracle Developer Studio packages and the installation directory by specifying the --force-uninstall when you start the uninstaller.

When you run the uninstaller with this option, it does not delete the package entries from the /.nbi directory, which has the following consequences:

  • When you run the installer to reinstall the Oracle Developer Studio release you uninstalled, it does not allow you to specify which components to install, and installs all of the packages that were previously installed.

  • When you run the installer for any Oracle Developer Studio release, it warns you that the /.nbi directory is corrupted, and gives you the option of proceeding with the installation or canceling it.