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Oracle® Developer Studio 12.5: Debugging a Program with dbx

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Updated: June 2016

gdb Command

The gdb command supports the GDB command set. It is valid only in native mode.


gdb on | off

Use gbd on to enter the GDB command mode under which dbx understands and accepts GDB commands. To exit the GDB command mode and return to the dbx command mode, type gdb off. dbx commands are not accepted while in GDB command mode and GDB commands are not accepted while in dbx mode. All debugging settings such as breakpoints are preserved across different command modes.

    The following GDB commands are not supported in this release:

  • commands

  • define

  • handle

  • hbreak

  • interrupt

  • maintenance

  • printf

  • rbreak

  • return

  • signal

  • tcatch

  • until