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Oracle® Developer Studio 12.5: Debugging a Program with dbx

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Updated: June 2016

pop Command

The pop command removes one or more frames from the call stack. It is valid only in native mode.

You can pop only to a frame for a function that was compiled with -g. The program counter is reset to the beginning of the source line at the call site. You cannot pop past a function call made by the debugger; but must use pop -c.

Normally, a pop command calls all the C++ destructors associated with the popped frames. You can override this behavior by setting the dbx pop_auto_destruct environment variable to off.



Pop the current top frame from stack.

pop number

Pop number frames from stack.

pop -f number

Pop frames from stack until specified frame number.

pop -c

Pop the last call made from the debugger.


number is the number of frames to pop from the stack.