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1 What's New in This Guide?

Part I Cloud Management Overview

2 Cloud Management - An Overview

Part II Setting Up and Enabling Cloud

3 Setting Up the Cloud Management Infrastructure

4 How to Enable Cloud

Part III Setting Up and Using Infrastructure as a Service

5 Setting Up Cloud for IaaS

6 Defining and Managing Cloud Policies

7 Setting Up the IaaS Self Service Portal

8 Using the IaaS Self Service Portal

9 Administering and Monitoring an IaaS Cloud

Part IV Direct Monitoring

10 Direct Monitoring of Xen Based Systems

Part V Setting Up and Using Platform as a Service

11 Setting Up the PaaS Infrastructure

12 Enabling the DBaaS Cloud

13 Setting Up an MWaaS Cloud

Part VI Provisioning New Database Artifacts

14 ­­Getting Started with Database as a Service

15 Creating Databases Using Database Template

16 Creating Schemas

17 Provisioning Pluggable Databases

Part VII Cloning Databases

18 Supported Cloning Options

19 Creating Full Clones

20 Creating Snap Clones

21 Using the DBaaS Self Service Portal

Part VIII Maintaining and Customizing Databases

22 Maintaining the Database Pool

23 Customizing Database as a Service

Part IX Setting Up Middleware as a Service

24 Setting Up the WebLogic Self Service Portal

25 Setting Up the SOAaaS or the OSBaaS Self Service Portal

26 Setting Up the JVMaaS Self Service Portal

27 Using the MWaaS Self Service Portal

Part X Monitoring the PaaS Cloud

28 Administering and Monitoring a PaaS Cloud

Part XI Dynamic Resource Provisioning

29 Dynamic Resource Provisioning with Oracle VM Server for SPARC

30 Getting Started with Dynamic Resource Provisioning

31 Dynamically Provisioning Resources in a DBaaS Cloud

32 Dynamically Provisioning Resources in an MWaaS Cloud

Part XII JVM Diagnostics as a Service

33 Setting Up JVM Diagnostics as a Service

34 Using the JVM Diagnostics Self Service Portal

Part XIII Enabling Testing as a Service (TaaS)

35 About Testing as a Service

36 Setting Up Testing as a Service

37 Using the Testing as a Service Portal

Part XIV Using Chargeback and Consolidation

38 Chargeback Administration

39 Enterprise Manager Consolidation

Part XV Using the Cloud APIs

40 Introduction to Cloud APIs

41 Cloud Resource Models

42 EM CLI Verbs for Database as a Service Administrator

43 Database as a Service Administrator REST APIs

44 Database as a Service SSA User REST APIs

45 ­­DBaaS REST APIs and EM CLI Verbs Based Use Cases

46 SSA Administration REST APIs

47 SSA Portal Management REST APIs

48 WebLogic as a Service REST APIs

49 SOAaaS and OSBaaS APIs

50 Rapid Start Cloud Setup

51 Chargeback and Metering EMCLI Verbs

52 Introduction to Blueprints

53 Cloud Blueprints and Blueprint Reference

54 Infrastructure as a Service REST APIs

55 Testing as a Service REST APIs