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What's New in This Guide?

Part I Managing Oracle Fusion Middleware

1 Introduction to Middleware Management

2 Managing Middleware Targets

3 Testing Application Load and Performance

4 Composite Applications

Part II Monitoring Exalytics Target and Traffic Director

5 Monitoring an Exalytics Target

6 Oracle Traffic Director

Part III Monitoring Oracle WebLogic Domains and Oracle GlassFish Domains

7 Monitoring WebLogic Domains

8 Overview of Oracle GlassFish Server Management

Part IV Managing Oracle SOA

9 Overview of Oracle SOA Management

10 Discovering and Monitoring Service Bus

11 Discovering and Monitoring the SOA Suite

Part V Managing Oracle Business Intelligence

12 Discovering and Monitoring Oracle Business Intelligence Instance and Oracle Essbase

Part VI Monitoring Application Performance

13 Monitoring Performance

14 Understanding the User Experience

15 Discovering Services and Working with Transactions

16 Getting Detailed Execution Information

17 Monitoring Business Applications

18 Monitoring End-to-end Performance

19 Troubleshooting Middleware Applications Using Enterprise Manager

Part VII Using JVM Diagnostics and MDA Advisor

20 Introduction to JVM Diagnostics

21 Using JVM Diagnostics

22 Troubleshooting JVM Diagnostics

23 Using Middleware Diagnostics Advisor

Part VIII Managing Oracle Coherence

24 Getting Started with Management Pack for Oracle Coherence

25 Monitoring a Coherence Cluster

26 Administering a Coherence Cluster

27 Troubleshooting and Best Practices

28 Coherence Integration with JVM Diagnostics

Part IX Using Identity Management

29 Getting Started with Oracle Identity Management

30 Prerequisites for Discovering Oracle Identity Management Targets

31 Discovering and Configuring Oracle Identity Management Targets

32 Investigating and Analyzing Problems

Part X Discovering and Monitoring Non-Oracle Middleware

33 Discovering and Monitoring IBM WebSphere MQ

34 Discovering and Monitoring IBM WebSphere Application Servers, Clusters, and Cells

35 Discovering and Monitoring JBoss Application Server

36 Discovering and Monitoring Apache HTTP Server

Part XI Managing Oracle Data Integrator

37 Configuring and Monitoring Oracle Data Integrator