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Diameter Signaling Router 7.1.x

Subscriber Database Server 7.1 Document Set

  • Feature Notice PDF
  • Getting Started PDF
  • SDS User's Guide PDF
  • Subscriber Database Server Provisioning Interface PDF
  • Communication Agent User Guide PDF
  • Operation, Administration, and Maintenance (OAM) Guide PDF
  • Alarms, KPIs, and Measurements PDF
  • SDS Initial Installation and Configuration Guide PDF
  • SDS Software Upgrade Procedure PDF
  • SDS Disaster Recovery Guide PDF

Integrated Diameter Intelligence Hub (IDIH) 7.1 Document Set

  • IDIH User's Guide PDF
  • IDIH Audit Viewer Administrator's Guide PDF
  • IDIH Alarm Forwarding Administrator's Guide PDF
  • IDIH Operations, Administration and Maintenance Administrator’s Guide PDF
  • IDIH ProTrace User's Guide PDF
  • IDIH System Alarms User's Guide PDF
  • IDIH Log Viewer User's Guide PDF

Documentation Bulletins

  • Documentation Bulletin E76630-01, "Correct Descriptions for TmMpCongestion and TmMpCongestionLevel Measurements"PDF
  • Documentation Bulletin E76440-01, “Message is not routed to Application for Alarm 22075”PDF
  • Documentation Bulletin E73552-01, "Correct Severity Information for Alarm 31283, 'Lost Communication with server'"PDF
  • Documentation Bulletin E73553-01, "Correct Severity Information for Events 22059, 22060, 22062, and 22347"PDF
  • Documentation Bulletin CGBU_018115, "Incorrect PCRF Pool Upgrading information"PDF
  • Documentation Bulletin CGBU_017647, Additional information on event 22320 in the Alarms and KPIs ReferencePDF
  • Documentation Bulletin E91299, Additional Information PDRAPDF