Part J: Issuing Refunds

Chapters in this part:

Chapter 99: Introducing the Refund Process presents an overview of the refund process, including a discussion of situations that can cause a refund, refund types and reason codes, and general guidelines for issuing refunds.

Chapter 100: Printing and Interpreting Refund Due Lists (MRDU) explains how to print the Refund Due List and use this report to verify and document the changes you make to refunds prior to processing.

Chapter 101: Working with Refunds, Writeoffs and Balances Due (WREF) shows you how to research refunds, change a refund's type, place a refund on hold indefinitely or until a specific date, release a refund from hold, or change the refund's status so it will be canceled or written off when you next process refunds.

Chapter 102: Processing Refunds (MREF) shows you how to print and reprint refund checks and process credits and writeoffs.

Chapter 103: Reconciling Checks (MREC) shows you how to reconcile canceled refund checks or void and reinstate them. It also shows how to purge reconciled or voided refunds.

Chapter 104: Working with Contributions (WCON) shows you how to review contributions or change a contribution into a refund.

Chapter 105: Processing A/R Refunds (MARC) shows you how to print and reprint refund checks and credit card credits resulting from accounts receivable credits.

Chapter 106: Printing the Processed Refund Register (PPRR) explains how to generate the Processed Refund Register.

Chapter 107: Working with Bank Reconciliation Transactions (WBRC) explains how to send refund check information to a bank for automated reconciliation and receive the processed check information back from the bank into CWDirect.

Chapter 108: Processing Refunds by Order Number (MRFO) explains how to generate refunds for selected orders only.

CS10_00 CWDirect 18.0 August 2015 OTN