Chapter 46: Suggest Warehouse Placement (MSLO)

Purpose: Use the Suggest Location for Item function when you want the system to search for available warehouse space to determine where you should place an item.

There are two different methods available for suggesting item locations:

Standard Suggest Location Placement: The system searches through the available warehouse locations and suggests where you might place the stock. You use the System Control file to specify the criteria the system uses to select locations and the order in which to search different location types.

Staging Warehouse Suggest Location Placement: Similarly to standard suggest location placement, the system searches the warehouse for appropriate locations based on your entries in the System Control file; however, instead of suggesting the actual location in your warehouse, the system suggests default locations in your staging warehouse. The default location type indicates the item's ultimate destination in your main warehouse; for example, the default bulk location in the staging warehouse is used for stock that should be put away in bulk storage. You would normally use this method if you use radio frequency.

This function is for inquiry only, and does not allow you to actually place the stock in the suggested locations. To place the stock, use

Performing Inventory Transactions;

Receiving Purchase Orders (PORC); or,

Placing Suspended Stock (SUSP).

The same logic is used in purchase order receiving. See Suggest Warehouse/Location Placement.

In this chapter:

Suggest Location For Item Screen

Work with Suggested Locations Screen

Suggest Location For Item Screen

Purpose: Use this screen to enter the item and warehouse information for system-suggested placement. You enter the item/SKU, warehouse code, and quantity to place.

How to display this screen: Enter MSLO in the Fast Path field at the top of any menu, or select Suggest Location for Item from a menu.

INR0734 ENTER Suggest Location For Item 10/02/96 18:26:15





Enter Item and Location to find locations for:


Item . ____________ Clr Size Wdth ____ ____ ____


Warehouse ___


Qty . . _______






F3=Exit F12=Cancel




The code of the item you are placing in the warehouse. Item codes are defined in and validated against the Item file.

Alphanumeric, 12 positions; required.

SKU fields

The item's unique characteristics, such as its color and size.

Alphanumeric, three 4-position fields (split SKU), or one 14-position (full SKU); required if the item has SKUs.


The code of the warehouse where the item is being placed. Warehouse code are defined in and validated against the Warehouse file; see Chapter 41: Creating and Maintaining Warehouses (WWHS).

Even if you use a staging warehouse, you should enter the code of the main warehouse where the stock should eventually be placed.

Numeric, 3 positions; required.

Qty (Quantity)

The number of units of the item to be placed.

Numeric, 7 positions; required.

Completing this screen: The system will determine the locations where the item should be placed using the criteria defined by your company in the System Control file. The following message displays:

Suggesting locations...please wait

You advance to the Work with Suggested Locations Screen.

Work with Suggested Locations Screen

Purpose: This screen displays the suggested warehouse locations for the item.

How to display this screen: Press Enter at the Suggest Location For Item Screen.

POR0370 DISPLAY Work with Suggest Locations 10/02/96 16:37:38

Mail Order

Item: BLENDER LRGE Qty Requested: 50

Whs Location Qty


6 B/O 10

6 B/O2 10

6 BULK 10

F3=Exit F12=Cancel




The item code and SKU, if any, for which the system is suggesting locations for placement.

Item: Alphanumeric, 12 positions.

SKU: Alphanumeric, three 4-position (split SKU), or one 14-position field (full SKU).

Qty requested (Quantity requested)

The number of units of the item to place.

Numeric, 7 positions.

Whs (Warehouse)

The warehouse where the system is placing the merchandise. If you use a staging warehouse, the system will always suggest this warehouse for placement.

Numeric, 3 positions.


The location where the associated quantity should be placed.

Alphanumeric, 7 positions.

Quantity placed

The quantity to place in the location.

Numeric, 7 positions.

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