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Planning and Administering Data Services for Oracle® Solaris Cluster 4.4

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Updated: November 2019

Upgrading the HAStoragePlus Resource Type

The HAStoragePlus resource type enables you to modify highly available local file systems online. Upgrade the HAStoragePlus resource type if all conditions in the following list apply:

  • You are upgrading from an earlier version of Oracle Solaris Cluster.

  • You need to use the new features of the HAStoragePlus resource type.

For general instructions that explain how to upgrade a resource type, see Upgrading a Resource Type. The information that you need to complete the upgrade of the HAStoragePlus resource type is provided in the subsections that follow.

Information for Registering the New Resource Type Version

To determine the version of the resource type that is registered, use a command from the following list:

  • The cluster show command lists the name and version of the cluster's resource types.

  • The clresourcetype list -v command lists the node list of each resource type.

The RTR file for this resource type is /usr/cluster/lib/rgm/rtreg/SUNW.HAStoragePlus.

Information for Migrating Existing Instances of the Resource Type

Oracle Solaris Cluster 4.4 includes version 11 of the SUNW.HAStoragePlus resource type. If you update an existing cluster from an earlier Oracle Solaris Cluster release to Oracle Solaris Cluster 4.4, follow the procedures in Upgrading the HAStoragePlus Resource Type to migrate resources to the latest version of their resource types.

Use the following information to migrate instances of the HAStoragePlus resource type:

  • If the current version of HAStoragePlus is 10 or lower, you can perform the migration to version 11 when the resource fault monitor is disabled.

  • Use the clresource unmonitor command to disable the fault monitor, and use the clresource monitor command to re-enable it after the migration is complete.

  • To determine the current version of HAStoragePlus, execute the clresourcetype list HAStoragePlus command and look for a version suffix such as SUNW.HAStoragePlus:11 for version 11.

For any application resource that depends on an HAStoragePlus resource, ensure that the application resource has the resource_dependencies_offline_restart property set to the HAStoragePlus resource that it depends on. This is required for version 11 of the HAStoragePlus resource type. In earlier versions of the resource type, either the resource_dependencies property or the resource_dependencies_offline_restart property could be used.

For example, if an existing application resource app-rs has resource_dependencies set to an HAStoragePlus resource hasp-rs, the following command changes the dependency to an offline-restart dependency:

# clresource set -p resource_dependencies-=hasp-rs resource_dependencies_offline_restart+=hasp-rs app-rs