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Planning and Administering Data Services for Oracle® Solaris Cluster 4.4

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Updated: November 2019

How to Configure Failover Delegation Between a Resource Group in a Zone Cluster and a Resource Group in the Global Cluster

This procedure describes how to setup a configuration where a zone cluster resource depends on a global cluster resource. This configuration ensures that a failover occurs if the zone cluster node where the zone cluster resources is online goes down.

  1. From one node of the global cluster, create resource group.
    # clrg create global_zone-rg
  2. From one node of the global cluster, create resource that the zone cluster resource depends on.
    # clrs create -t <rt-type> -p <property>=<value> -g global_zone-rg
  3. From a zone node in the zone cluster, create resource group.
    # clrg create zone_cluster-rg
  4. From one node of the global cluster, set rg_affinities to the resource group in the zone cluster.
    # clrg set -p RG_affinities=+++<zone-cluster-name>:zone_cluster-rg
  5. From a zone node of the zone cluster, create resource that depends on the global cluster resource.

    Note that the dependency set here can be one of Resource_dependencies_restart, Resource_dependencies_offline_restart, Resource_dependencies or Resource_dependencies_weak as needed.

    # clrs create -g zone_cluster-rg -t <rt-type> -p <property>=<value> -p
    resource_dependencies_offline_restart=global:global_zone-rs zone_cluster-rs

    As illustrated in this procedure, the resource dependency is from the zone cluster resource on the global cluster resource, but the resource group affinity is from the global cluster resurce group to the zone cluster resource group.

    If one of the resource groups is in a Disastery Recovery protection group, the protection group property External_Dependency_Allowed needs to be set to true for the protection group to be valid.