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Planning and Administering Data Services for Oracle® Solaris Cluster 4.4

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Updated: November 2019

How to Change the Accessibility of a Pool's Datasets in an HAStoragePlus Resource From Global to Failover

  1. Check the rg_mode of the resource group that contains the HAStoragePlus resource for the zpool that you are changing from global to failover.

    Oracle Solaris Cluster does not allow adding a failover zpool to an HAStoragePlus resource in a scalable resource group.

    # clrg show rg_mode resource-group
    • If the rg_mode is Failover, continue to Step 2.
    • If the rg_mode is Scalable, perform the following step.
      1. Find an existing failover resource group or create a failover resource group to host the zpool once you have made the zpool a failover pool.
        # clrg create resource-group
  2. Disable resources that depend on the zpool.

    This procedure exports the zpool.

    # clrs disable resource-list
  3. Remove the failover ZFS pool from the HAStoragePlus resource.

    This operation exports the zpool.

    # clresource set -p GlobalZpools-=zpool resource
  4. If the rg_mode was Scalable in step 1, go to the resource group that you created or identified in step 1a and add the zpool to an HAStoragePlus resource in that resource group. Or create a new HAStoragePlus resource in that resource group, then set dependencies from the resources that depend on this zpool to this HAStoragePlus resource.

    These steps show creation of new HAStoragePlus resource and how to set the resource_dependencies_offline_restart dependency. Do the steps required for your configuration.

    # clrs create -t HAStoragePlus -p zpools=zpool -g resource-group resource
    # clrg online -eM resource-group
    # clrs set -p Resource_dependencies_offline_restart+=resource resource-list
  5. If you did not create a new HAStoragePlus resource in Step 1a, modify the HAStoragePlus resource that you modified in Step 3.
    # clresource set -p Zpools+=zpool resource
  6. Enable resources that you disabled in Step 1 of this procedure.
    # clrs enable resource-list