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Planning and Administering Data Services for Oracle® Solaris Cluster 4.4

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Updated: November 2019

Quiescing Resource Groups

To stop a resource group from continuously switching from one node to another when a START or STOP method fails, bring it to a quiescent state. To bring a resource group to a quiescent state, you issue the clresourcegroup quiesce command.

When you quiesce a resource group, resource methods that are executing are allowed to run until they are completed. If a serious problem occurs, you might need to quiesce a resource group immediately. To do so, you specify the –k command option, which kills the following methods:

  • Prenet_start

  • Start

  • Monitor_start

  • Monitor_stop

  • Stop

  • Postnet_stop

Note -  The Init, Fini, Boot, and Update methods are not killed when you specify this command option.

However, if you immediately quiesce a resource group by killing methods, you might leave one of its resources in an error state such as Start_failed or Stop_failed. You must clear these error states yourself.