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Oracle® Developer Studio 12.6: Installation Guide

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Updated: July 2017

Installing Oracle Developer Studio 12.6 on Oracle Solaris 11

You use the Image Packaging System (IPS) to install Oracle Developer Studio 12.6 on Oracle Solaris 11 systems.

The Oracle Developer Studio publisher includes the packages shown in Table 7. You can install the entire release from the package repository or install individual packages for the compilers and tools you want to use.

Before you install, see the following table for some installation conditions you might need to consider.

Table 5  Oracle Developer Studio Installation Conditions
Installation Condition
Installing in a Non-Global Zone
To install the software in a non-global zone on an Oracle Solaris 11 system, execute the installation commands in that zone.
Installing on Multiple Systems
On Oracle Solaris 11 platforms, you can install the Oracle Developer Studio 12.6 software on multiple systems by remotely logging in to each system and installing the software from the Oracle Developer Studio publisher.
Installing the IDE and other graphical tools on a Desktop System
After you have installed the Oracle Developer Studio 12.6 software on an Oracle Solaris 11 platform, you can use the devstudio --generate-desktop-distr command or a menu item in the IDE to generate a zip file containing a distribution of the IDE, dbxtool, and Code Analyzer configured for installation on a desktop system with almost any operating system. You can unzip this distribution file on a desktop system. When you run the IDE on that system, the IDE will recognize the server on which you generated the distribution as a remote host, and access the tool collection (compilers, make tool, and debugger) in your Oracle Developer Studio server installation.