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Oracle® Developer Studio 12.6: Installation Guide

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Updated: July 2017

Choosing Local Display or Remote Display of the Uninstaller

You can display an uninstaller either locally or remotely while you are uninstalling Oracle Developer Studio 12.6 software.

Preparing for Uninstallation Using a Remote Display

  1. On the display computer, enable client access to the X server by typing the following on the command line:
    xhost + source-computer-name

    Replace source-computer-name with the output of the /usr/bin/hostname command entered on the source computer, which is the computer that contains the downloaded files.

  2. Log in to the source computer using ssh -X and become a superuser (root).

    You can use ssh with the -X option to forward the X display content back to the display computer. The source computer might not allow remotely logging in as root, so you might need to log in using your own username and become root after connecting to the source computer as shown below.

    % ssh -X source-computer-name
    Password: your password-on-source-computer
    % su
    Password: root-password-on-source-computer
  3. On the source computer, set your DISPLAY variable to the display computer.

    If you use the C shell, type:

    # setenv DISPLAY display-computer-name:n.n

    If you use the Bourne shell, type:

    # DISPLAY=display-computer-name:n.n
    # export DISPLAY

    If you use the Korn shell, type:

    # export DISPLAY=display-computer-name:n.n

    Replace display-computer-name with the output of the /usr/bin/hostname entered on the display computer.

    You can type echo $DISPLAY on the display computer to see the display number, such as :2.0