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Oracle® Developer Studio 12.6: Installation Guide

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Updated: July 2017

Installation Tasks on Oracle Solaris 11

The following table shows the order of tasks you must perform to install Oracle Developer Studio 12.6 on Oracle Solaris 11.

Table 4  Task Map for Installing Oracle Developer Studio on Oracle Solaris 11
For Information
1. Verify that the system meets the system requirements
2. Verify that the system has the required system software packages
3. Verify that you have permissions to install software on the system
4. Install the system libraries that are required by Oracle Developer Studio on Oracle Solaris 11.
5. Download and install the certificate and key and add publisher for Oracle Developer Studio IPS packages
6. Install the Oracle Developer Studio packages
7. (Optional) Install the runtime libraries and the required system libraries on systems where applications built by Oracle Developer Studio are to be run, but Oracle Developer Studio is not installed.