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Oracle® Developer Studio 12.6: Installation Guide

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Updated: July 2017

Installing to an NFS-Mounted File System

To install the Oracle Developer Studio software on an NFS-mounted file system, you must run the installer on a system that meets the Oracle Developer Studio system requirements regardless of where the NFS partition is mounted. See System Requirements in Oracle Developer Studio 12.6: Release Notes.

Note -  The best way to share the product image as an NFS-mounted file system is to export it from a server that meets the Oracle Developer Studio system requirements. Run the installer on the server and share the directory in which the software is installed. Use the following NFS install procedure only if your NFS server is not a supported platform for the product.

In the following procedure, the server is the machine with the physical disk on which the installed software will reside, and the client is the machine on which you run the installer and which NFS-mounts the shared file system from the server.

How to Prepare for Installing the Oracle Developer Studio Software on an NFS-mounted File System

This procedure describes how to share a file system to a client machine where you will run the installer.

  1. On the file server, share the file system with options to enable root on the client machine to have full access to the shared file system:
    share -F nfs -o root=client-machine,rw filesystem
  2. On the client machine, mount the shared file system with read/write access:
    mount server-machine:filesystem installation-directory